14 Vacancies

Dean, Umluj International Technical College

Looking for an experienced Dean for Wintec Umluj Technical College in KSA!
Job type: Fixed Term
Location: Saudi Arabia
Closing date: Monday, 31 December 2018

English Teachers, Jinhua, China

Develop your career with Wintec in China!
Job type: Fixed Term
Location: Jinhua, China
Closing date: Saturday, 15 December 2018

Architectural Technology Tutor

As an architectural designer/technician, you could enrich your career and make lasting impact on the industry by educating and inspiring our students
Job type: Expression of Interest
Location: Rotokauri Campus
Closing date: Open until filled

Casual Notetakers

The role of Notetaker is to sit in class and take notes for students who are not able to complete notes for themselves.
Job type: Casual
Location: City Campus, Rotokauri Campus
Closing date: Until filled